Water Wars

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A Panel Discussion on Water Wars was being organized by Egalitarians – The Economics Society keeping an eye over the issues of water raised due to several issues like scarcity, global warming, and unjust distribution. The panel also discussed the issues of India and Pakistan over the Indus Water Treaty. The Panelists included Deputy Mayor Karachi, Dr. Arshad Abdullah Vohra, Dean CESD, IoBM, Dr. Shahida Wizarat, Dr Shahid Amjad and Ambassador Hasan Habib.

Dr. Shahid Amjad, our first panelist pointed out that the so-called intervention by India over the water is not the real problem but the lack of internal water reservoirs are key cause of water shortage. Deputy Mayor included that the lack of resources and authority, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has no authority to serve individual citizen as the authority lies within the Provincial Government. Adding to the discussion, Dep. Mayor intended to have the authority to run the department of Water and Sewerage so as to address the issues of the locals on their ground.

Dr. Wizarat believes that the corruption and the mismanagement worsen the issue of water that affected to the very ground. Even the published report of Dawn stated that over 70% of water being supplied is unfit for the human health.

It was concluded that the unity of the administration and dedication to solve the issue with faith is merely needed. The issue is not still out of reach of solution and can be coped up within short span of time. On other hand, all the Panelist acknowledge the effort of The Economics Society on raising the ground issues and keeping their fellow student aware about the emerging water crises.