Dr. Syed Shameem Ejaz

Assistant Professor, Business Psychology Department

Dr. Ejaz has 18+ years’ experience in teaching psychology, at private and public university, and psychosocial and marketing research. He has been running a qualitative research organization for almost 17 years. He was the only member of Qualitative Research Consultant Association (QRCA)-USA from Pakistan. Orient McCain recognized his research organization as one of the top three research organizations in Pakistan in 1998. Syngenta, Bayer, Crop Link, Reckitt & Colman were among his regular clients. He has conducted several researches for international clients. Recently, he has conducted a major research for UNDP to sketch local tolerance index. He is supervising MPhil research students at IoBM as well. He has published four articles in international and local journals and has authored a book on social adjustment.

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