The program is geared towards professionals who wish for a better understanding of the organization they work for. It is concerned with the social and psychological processes operating in organizations, and how these processes relate to organizational systems and structures.

This three-year weekend program requires successful completion of 108 credit hours of course work, including 36 courses and 3 credit hours research project each spread over six semesters. Students are expected to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 and successful completion of research project for the conferment of the degree. This program combines study in psychology with courses in human resource management, workplace relations, leadership and team dynamics, and management strategy.

Students can take a minimum load of 6 credit hours (two courses) or maximum of 12 credit hours (four courses) in each of the 3 semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer)

Foundation Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Psychology PSY400 Introduction to Organizational Psychology
Management MAN401 Principles of Management
MAN402 Organizational Behavior
Entrepreneurship ENT308 Social Advocacy and Community Service
Human Resource Management HRM410 Managing Human Capital
Marketing MKT401 Principles of Marketing
Statistics STA410 Introduction to Behavioral Statistics
Communication COM402 Business Communication
COM403 Interpersonal Communication Skills
Social Sciences SSC401 Business Ethics
SSC407 Principles of Sociology
Management Information System MIS401 Computer Applications

Core Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Psychology PSY402 Counseling Psychology
PSY405 Group Dynamics
PSY406 Research Methods in Organizational Psychology
PSY407 Personnel Psychology
PSY408 Consumer Psychology
PSY430 Psychological Testing-I
PSY431 Psychological Testing-II
PSY432 Behavior Modification in Industry
PSY433 Leadership and Strategic Change
PSY434 Personality Theories
Human Resource Management HRM408 Human Resource Issues in Pakistan
HRM409 Organizational Consulting Skills
HRM501 Recruitment and Selection
HRM502 Industrial Relation and Labor Law
HRM503 Employee Training and Development
HRM504 Negotiation Skills and Collective Bargaining
HRM505 Organizational Change & Development
HRM506 Strategic HRM
HRM511 Performance Appraisal
HRM530 Research Practicum in HRM

Elective Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Psychology PSY501 Work Motivation Attitude
PSY506 Quality of Work Life
PSY515 Projective Methods
Human Resource Management HRM531 Pay for Performance and Reward
HRM614 Salary and Compensation
HRM615 Leadership Studies
HRM616 Performance Appraisal and Management

Course Structure

Intro. to Organizational Psychology
Introduction to Behavioral Statistics
Principles of Sociology
Computer Applications
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Personality Theories
Business Ethics
Managing Human Capital
Organizational Behavior
Performance Appraisal
Business Communication
Social Advocacy and Community Service
Group Dynamics
Industrial Relation and Labor Law
Organizational Consulting Skills
Human Resource Issues in Pakistan
Psychological Testing-I
Organizational Change & Development
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Research Methods in Org. Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Recruitment and Selection
Strategic HRM
Counseling Psychology
Personnel Psychology
Employees Training and Development
Negotiation Skills & Collective Barg
Psychological Testing-II
Behavior Modification in Industry
Leadership & Strategic Change
Research Practicum in HRM
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IV

*Note: For the 9th Semester students are required to choose 2 Psychology electives and 2 HRM electives.