Students selecting the domain based specialization in Educational Management are expected to have completed the 30 credit hours of foundation stage (page No. 57) of the MBA program. Specialization stage consists of 42 credit hours of course work covering strategic and operational areas. These include courses in the area of Marketing Strategy, Strategic Finance, Strategic Management, Leadership, Technology/ Operations, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Processes, Analytics of Decision Making, etc. During the specialization stage, students take 12 credit hours of strategy courses, 9 credit hours of operational level courses, and 12 credit hours of elective courses. The department of Education has developed the strategy, operational and elective courses to help students attain the knowledge and skills required in the leadership and management of educational institutions. In addition students select two real life Capstone Projects (6 credit hours) in their area of specialization during their final year.

MBA track for specialization in Educational Management as well as the foundation stage is only available during the weekends. Candidates must select the specialization at the time of filing the application.

Required Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Accounting ACC419 Financial Accounting
Educational Management EDM406 Educational Policy and Economics
EDM415 Educational Philosophy and Ethics
EDM419 Managing Teaching and Learning
EDM420 Academic Writing and Seminar Skills
EDM427 Research Methods in Education II (Qualitative)
EDM429 Research Methods in Education I (Quantitative)
EDM518 Evaluation and Assessment in Education
EDM514 Early Childhood Development*
EDM526 Curriculum Management and Planned Change*
EDM624 Innovations and Technology in Education*
EDM689 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project I*
EDM690 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project II*
Finance FIN408 Theory and Practice of Financial Management
FIN411 Finance for Entrepreneurial Ventures
Human Resource Management HRM410 Managing Human Capital
HRM606 Leadership, Ethics and Change*
Management MAN418 Management and Organizational Dynamics
Marketing MKT402 Marketing Management
MKT610 Marketing Strategies and Value Innovation*
Social Sciences SSC406 Psychology and Learning

*Indicates MBA level courses

Elective Courses

Educational Management
EDM650 Quality Assurance in Education
EDM652 Knowledge Management
EDM654 Lifelong Learning in Changing Contexts
EDM656 Teacher Education
EDM658 Gender Studies in Education
EDM660 Inclusive Education
EDM689 Thesis Writing (Capstone I)
EDM690 Thesis Writing (Capstone II)

Course Structure

For the details regarding course structure and courses being offered, please contact the relevant department.