Vision and Mission Statement

Mission Statement: MBA Media Management & Marketing (MMM)

Our mission is to produce high-potential business managers, with a strong, holistic orientation towards marketing and media management, sharpened analytical and professional skills, practical understanding of core management disciplines, and the capacity to perform in diverse business environments. To this end the students shall be encouraged to imbibe such personal attributes as positivity, adaptability, strong work ethic, trust and team-work, creativity and collaboration.

Mission Statement - BS (Hons) Media Studies

The BS (Honors) Media Studies program is designed to provide students strong grounding in, and a broad academic base for pursuing a professional career - institutional or entrepreneurial - in the wider field of media and film arts. The curriculum seeks to endow students with creativity, and deep insight into the evolution and dynamics of media and visual communication, through an array of courses in journalism, communication and social sciences, as well as practical hands-on exposure to the art and craft of film making, television production and new media.


Head Of Department (HoD)

Ejaz Wasay