IRL 101:Introduction to International Relations

The course has been designed to introduce basic concept of International Relations e.g. statehood, sovereigntyetc. which would enable the student to understand the discipline

IRL102: Political Geography

Geography and politics are inter-related disciplines. Students will be required to understand how each effects the other particularly in the context of growing significance of natural resources and competition for control of trade routes. Even national integration or lack of it has a geographical dimension.

IRL 103 International Institutions

The course deals with the concept and need for International Organization.Institution building at global level began after W.W.I. It has now become an important feature of world politics. Main focus will be on League of Nations Organization.

IRL104: History and Practices of Diplomacy

Diplomacy is a vital instrument available to sovereign states in order to promote their interests in a peaceful environment. The course incharge will be required to outline the factors which enhance the quality and effectiveness of diplomacy in the light of history and traditions.

IRL105: Globalization

A study of emerging patterns of economic relations and the impact of technology on culture, media, politics and economics is important for students of international politics.

IRL106: International Law

All states in theory accept International Law as the guiding force for interstate interaction and conflict resolution.

There are rules and regulations which are designed to govern the behavior of states. Strong states sometimes violate International law; the implications of violations will also be analyzed.

IRL107: Interstate Relations in Modern Times

The course will deal with changing nature of interstate relations. Some concepts like sovereignty need to be seen in the light of emerging economic realities. Political trends are also undergoing transformation. An understanding of these changes is vital for all in today’s world.

IRL 201 Research Methodology

Student will be required to learn basic tools of research including qualitative and quantitative methods. Importance of research will also be discussed.

IRL202: Politics of International Economic Relations

The course will cover the interaction between politics and economics. It is generally asserted that economic trends shape politics. The focus of the course is mainly on how economics and politics influence each other.

IRL203: Confidence Building Measures (CBMS)

The idea that adversaries can take calculated steps to improve the political environment has gained momentum.  The idea is being used between various states including Pakistan and India.

IRL204: Strategic Studies

Strategic Studies will deal with political, economic and military dimensions of changes taking place in the world. The struggle to control the resources of other states and the competition among states for pre-eminence will be the focus of this course.

IRL 205 Socio-economic philosophy of Islam

The concept of social and economic justice in Islam along with the works of major scholars like Ghazali, Ibn-e-Khuldun and among modern thinkers Iqbal will be the focus of this course.

IRL206: Environmental Politics

Politics surrounding environmental issues is a vital dimension of world exchanges. This course will outline major causes of pollution, the reasons why states are still divided over some of these issues and the role of UN in bringing states on one platform. Role of NGOs will also be discussed.

IRL207: Interstate Conflict Management

It is not surprising that conflict is rampant in the world. Why conflicts occur, what implications do they carry for states in conflict situations and how can conflicts be resolved. Some conflicts might remain unresolved but they can be prevented from becoming violent.

IRL301: World Politics

This course revolves around major issues at International level which if not managed could lead to serious consequence. Major flash points like Palestine, Kashmir, Indian Ocean, South China Sea and developments in other regions will be discussed.

IRL302: Trade Routes and Economic Corridors

Connectivity between states and regions is the main focus of all states .Developing states are interested in the issue because it provides hope for breaking the cycle of poverty and underdevelopment. Developed states are driven by their own interests.

IRL303: Borders in a Globalized World

Borders play an important role in international relations. They are a politico-legal requirement. However, overlapping territorial claims create unlimited dimension for conflict. Case study approach will be followed.

IRL304: Science, Technology and International Relation

Science and technology have tremendous impact on international relations. The impact of communication infrastructure has the capacity to bring communities closer together but it can also lead to conflict. Impact of technology on agriculture, politics and economics will be discussed.

IRL 305: Regional Studies I

Students will be required to choose one of the following regions i.e. West Asia and the Arab World Central Asia Africa, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific region. Historical as well as current developments will be discussed.

IRL 306 Regional Studies II

Two regions will be selected by all students for in-depthstudy. History, political trends and economic issue will beanalyzed.

IRL307: Religion, Culture and International Relations

Religion is reasserting its role at international level. Culture is also of essence even in the field of politics. Attempt will be made to understand how religion and culture affect interstate relations.

IRL308: Leadership in Globalized World

What factors impact the quality of leadership in different countries?  How are leaders groomed? Is the same criterion applicable to leadership at global level? How best can states improve their chances of emerging as regional and global leaders?

IRL309: Peace Building in Conflict Zone

There are several conflicts going on in the world. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few are going through destruction and dislocation. How can these conflicts be contained and peace building be pursued in conflict scenario.

IRL310: Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Pakistan’s foreign policy is based on some ideological, geographical, economic and political realities. How can foreign policy be made more effective?

IRL311: Energy Politics

Energy resources (oil & gas) are on the verge of depletion but alternate sources like wind, solar and hydel power can be relied on in future. Hydel power development often carries political dimension which can cause internal as well as external conflicts. The course will focus on political and economic aspects.

IRL 401: Self Development and Grooming

The students will required to focus on basic thing like way of dressing up according to occasion, table manners, small talks etc.

IRL402: Humanitarian International Law

The main focus of this discipline is people rather than states, although the role of state in applying and upholding it cannot be denied. The role of occupying forces in protecting civilian population, prisoner of war issue and many other dimensions will be focus of study.

IRL403: Politics of Natural Resource Development

Natural resources are increasingly considered to be vital for economic development However; there is a great deal of politics surrounding the development of natural resources at intra state and interstate levels. All dimensions of this subject will be covered.

IRL 404 Peace Research

Basic concept of peace, history of peace movements and the future of peace movement will be the main focus of the course.

IRL 405 Regionalism

The concept of integration and its application to various regions. What makes a regional grouping successful and why are some regional organizations rather unsuccessful?Case studies of various regional organizations will be undertaken.

IRL406: NGOS,MNCs and International Organizations

All types of International institutions will form the content of this course. Factors which led to the emergence of these institutions as well as strategies which need to be followed to make them more effective will be discussed.

IRL407: Geo Politics

This course draws the linkage between politics, geography and strategy. Many issues of significance e.g. politics regarding ocean and their resource and interstate competition in all spheres that constitute the main content of all course are of relevance.