Vision and Mission Statement

The mission of the International Relations Department is to provide quality, interdisciplinary education to students in order to prepare them for careers in the country as well as international market.The Department will encourage students in internationalism, innovative global knowledge from perspectives that transcend disciplines.

Students will learn the necessary research and writing skills to pursue graduate studies or careers in law, diplomacy, and international affairs. The international studies programs will push students to explore and understand the rapidly changing the international scene.Through interdisciplinary instruction, language training and research intensive education, the Department will prepare students for occupations in both the public and private sectors: governmental agencies and NGOs, philanthropic organizations and multi-national corporations and public relations careers.Above all, we will encourage students to be thoughtful citizens in the global life that awaits them.


The goal of the course to produce graduates who are responsible, perceptive and informed global citizens with a commitment to lifelong learning and service. It is expected that:

  • Students will acquire knowledge, focusing on global issues, processes, trends, systems, and politics,
  • Students will develop oral and written communication skills in international studies,
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret contemporary issues in the realm of international relations,
  • Students will exhibit ability to conduct research on international issues,
  • Students will have understanding of their culture and its relation to a global context.

Head Of Department (HoD)

Dr. Talat A. Wizarat