College of Economics & Social Development

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

This is a four-year program designed to provide opportunities to prospective teachers to carry out action research, engage in critical thinking, study contemporary problems, and accomplish field work. Moreover, the prospective teachers will visit schools for practicum and interact with the communities in order to gain insight from practical experiences. These trained teachers after intensive education, will be able to transform the teaching and learning scenario in Pakistan. HEC has announced that from 2015, four-year B.Ed. program will be implemented and the previous shorter duration program will be considered obsolete. Hence, these trained teachers will be able to benefit from this degree by getting better professional options in various educational institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

FA/F.Sc/A Levels or equivalent with minimum 2nd Division.

The PLP in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy has been offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with considerable success since 2004.

Required Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Communication COM103 Functional English I
COM104 English II
COM110 English III
Pakistan Studies PSC301 Pakistan Studies
Islamic Studies REL101 Islamic Studies
Mathematics MTH112 General Mathematics
Computer Science CSC114 Computer Literacy
Foundation Courses BED201 Child Development
BED203 General Methods of Teaching
BED205 Classroom Management
BED207 Classroom Assessment
BED209 School, Community and Teachers
BED211 Foundation of Education
BED213 Curriculum Development
BED215 Educational Psychology
Professional Courses BED301 Methods of Teaching in Islamic Studies
BED303 Teaching Literacy Skills
BED305 Teaching Urdu/Regional Languages
BED307 Teaching General Science
BED309 Instructional and Communication Technology
BED310 Teaching of English
BED311 Teaching of Mathematics
BED313 Teaching of Social Studies
BED315 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
BED317 Comparative Education
BED319 Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
BED321 Research Methods in Education
BED323 School Management
BED325 Test Development and Evaluation
BED327 Research Project
Content Courses BED401 Urdu/Regional Languages
BED403 General Science Contents
BED405 Arts, Crafts and Calligraphy
BED407 Content course I Selected discipline I
BED409 Content course I Selected discipline II
BED411 Content course II Selected discipline I
BED413 Content course II Selected discipline II
BED415 Content course III Selected discipline I
BED417 Content course III Selected discipline II
Teaching Practices BED501 Teaching Practice Short term
BED503 Teaching Practice
BED505 Pedagogy I Methods of Teaching related to Specialization I
BED507 Pedagogy II Methods of Teaching related to Specialization II
BED509 Teaching Practice (Short term)
BED511 Teaching Practice Long term

Course Structure

Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Functional English-I (3 cr. hr)
Islamic Studies/Ethics (2 cr. hr)
Child Development (3 cr. hr)
Urdu / Regional Languages (3 cr. hr)
General Science (3 cr. hr)
General Methods of Teaching (3 cr. hr)
English-II (3 cr. hr)
Computer Literacy (3 cr. hr)
Class Room Management (3 cr. hr)
General Mathematics (3 cr. hr)
Pakistan Studies (2 cr. hr)
Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies
(3 cr. hr)
Teaching Literacy Skills (3 cr. hr)
Arts, Crafts and Calligraphy (3 cr. hr)
Teaching of Urdu/Regional Languages
(3 cr. hr)
Teaching of G. Science (3 cr. hr)
Instructional and Comm. Technology
(ICT) in Education (2 cr. hr)
Teaching Practice (Short Term) (3 cr. hr)
Classroom Assessment (3 cr. hr)
Teaching of English (3 cr. hr)
Teaching of Mathematics (3 cr. hr)
School, Community and Teacher (2+1 cr. hr)
Teaching of Social Studies (3 cr. hr)
Teaching Practice (3 cr. hr)
Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
English – III (3 cr. hr)
Foundation of Education (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – 1
(from selected discipline – I) (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – 1
(from selected discipline – II) (3 cr. hr)
Curriculum Development (3 cr. hr)
Educational Psychology (3 cr. hr)
Contemporary Issues and Trends in
Education (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – II
(from selected discipline – I) (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – II
(from selected discipline – II) (3 cr. hr)
Comparative Education (3 cr. hr)
Introduction to Guidance and
Counseling (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – III
(from selected discipline – I) (3 cr. hr)
Content Course – III
(from selected discipline – II) (3 cr. hr)
Pedagogy – I (3 cr. hr)
Pedagogy – II (3 cr. hr)
Research Methods in Education (3 cr. hr)
Teaching Practice (Short Term) (3 cr. hr)
School Management (3 cr. hr)
Test Development and Evaluation (3 cr. hr)
Teaching Practice (Long Term) (6 cr. hr)
Research Project (3 cr. hr)