This multidisciplinary undergraduate program combines Economics and International Relations with Law. This can result in a better appreciation of the forces that affect our business and personal lives today. Economics today relies more on mathematical and statistical models for substantiation of its theoretical base, international relations has extended beyond its intellectual parameters to embrace real-world dynamics. The program includes core courses in the respective disciplines as well as current issues and hotly debated topics like food security, Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) versus organic farming, political economy issues, trade roots and economic corridors, CPEC, etc. This will not only makes the courses interesting, but increases the marketability of students. The law courses would equip the students with a working knowledge of the legal issues which they are likely to encounter in their careers. Select law courses would not only give students a strong foundation of legal theory based on traditional mercantile law and company law but also provide them with a working knowledge of such practical areas as patent laws, banking laws, insurance laws and compliance issues.

The BS Economics, Law and International Relations (ELI) program will require students to complete 48 courses i.e. 144 credit hours of coursework. Internship of six weeks duration in a firm approved by the Institute is also obligatory.

Foundation Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Communication COM107 Academic English
COM202 Business and Professional Speech
COM205 Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Bus. Com.
Pakistan Studies PSC301 Pakistan Studies
Language LAN 10* Foreign Language I
*1 = Introduction to Arabic
*2 = Introduction to French
*4 = Introduction to German
*6 = Introduction to Italian
*8 = Introduction to Chinese
LAN 20**Foreign Language II
**1 = Intermediate Arabic
**2 = Intermediate French
**4 = Intermediate German
**6 = Intermediate Italian
**8 = Intermediate Chinese


Core Business Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Economics ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO102 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO206 Mathematical Economics
ECO207 Game Theory
ECO301 Managerial Economics
ECO304 Introduction to Econometrics
ECO307 Monetary Theory and Policy
ECO310 History of Economic Thought
ECO314 Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics
ECO315 Microeconomic Analysis
ECO316 Macroeconomic Analysis
ECO321 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
ECO322 Applied Econometrics
ECO323 Development Economics
ECO402 Pakistan Economic Policy
ECO407 Analysis of Pakistani Industries
Mathematics MTH103 Calculus for Business Decisions
Statistics STA203 Probability Theory & Statistics
STA402 Model and Inferences
International Relations BIR301 Introduction to IR
BIR302 Political Geography
BIR303 World Politics
BIR305 Religion, Culture and International Relations
BIR306 Borders in a Globalized World
BIR307 Energy Politics
BIR308 Peace Building and Conflict Zones
BIR309 Trade Routes and Economic Corridors
BIR311 Strategic Studies
BIR312 Globalization
BIR313 History and Practices of Diplomacy
BIR314 Confidence Building Measures
Law LAW105 Mercantile Law
LAW106 Company Law
LAW202 Banking Laws in Pakistan
LAW203 Insurance Law in Pakistan
LAW301 Intellectural Property, Patents, Copyrights
LAW400 Company Secretarial Practices
LAW404 Arbitration
LAW407 Statutory Compliance
Islamic Studies REL101 Islamic Studies


Elective Courses

Elective Courses
ECO406 Money and Banking
ECO415 WTO, Disputes & Settlement
ECO418 Resources and Environmental Economics
ECO419 Agriculture and Food Security
ECO508 Issues and Political Economy
ECO509 Islamic Economics
ECO518 Governance and Public Policy
BIR501 Science and Technology in IR

Course Structure

 Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Academic English
Calculus for Business Decisions
Foreign Language I
Principles of Microeconomics
Introduction to IR
Principles of Macroeconomics
Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Business Communication
Foreign Language II
Pakistan Studies
Microeconomic Analysis
Probability Theory & Statistics
Political Geography
Business and Professional Speech
Macroeconomic Analysis
World Politics
Mercantile Law
Model & Inferences
Development Economics
Mathematical Economics
Introduction to Econometrics
History and Practices of Diplomacy
Confidence Building Measures
Company Law
 Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
Managerial Economics
Game Theory
History of Economic Thought
Strategic Studies
Islamic Studies
Banking Laws in Pakistan
Applied Econometrics
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics
Religion, Culture and International Relations
Borders in a Globalized World
Intellectual Property, Patents and Copyrights
Pakistan Economic Policy
Monetary Theory and Policy
Energy Politics
Peace Building and Conflict Zones
Insurance Law in Pakistan
Company Secretarial Practices
Analysis of Pakistani Industries
Trade Routes and Economic Corridors
Statutory Compliance
Elective I
Elective II